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Selfie-Branding Opportunities – Are You An Opportunist?

When I was a kid, people met in-person to socialize. Imagine a world where you had to travel to interact with someone?! Then social media came on the scene. We all created witty profiles, posting photos, and interacting with people near and far.

Now when you visit people, they are always pausing the fun to take selfies. After all, it never really happened if you don’t post a pic or video on Facebook or SnapChat! Is everyone just looking for attention and selfie-branding opportunities? And have you become an opportunist?

It’s All About Me

You know them well. Social media connections with enviable lives – or they want everyone to think so. Their smiling faces keep popping up on your feed. They are at parties, on vacations, and have the time of their lives. You feel boring and like you should be out on a safari or something exciting.

It’s all about me on social media. I see people more worried about selfies than being in the moment and just letting it happen. Look at me, I’m amazing, don’t you wish you were me? And I’ll prove I’m special by posting it all on social media. Is this personal branding or just a call for attention?

Self-Centered Introverts

Yes, I know people who can’t stop posting selfies and photos of their cats yawning. But then there are the voyeurs. Watchers don’t have to sneak around and peek through windows anymore. They simply visit social media and start checking out updates. It gets kind of creepy sometimes.

Whether you post or watch, it’s self-centered. I see plenty of self-gratification and glorification but not a lot of meaningful connections. Have we all become a bunch of self-centered introverts coasting through a virtual world of self-branding and self-satisfaction?

Labeling Or Branding

I remember when kids at school labeled each other to figure out where you fit. Were you a nerd or a jock? A geek or a princess? Now we label ourselves on social media. We want people to pay attention to us, counting our likes and comments like they are gold.  Most of us would be wealthy if they were!

Maybe we just miss getting personal attention. Everyone needs more and looks for acceptance on social media. If we post a funny story, everyone will like us and want to connect. But does all this posting become your personal brand or a cry for attention?


Sure, the face of branding has changed and sometimes it’s ugly. I think it’s time to examine our intent. Consider the difference between branding and attention-seeking. Do we really want meaningful connections? Or do we just need a place to show off?

And the same concept applies to business branding. To be social, we have to care out others as well as ourselves. Otherwise, it’s just a lot of hype.

Idea of Ekaterina Asparouhova, written by Stacey Doyle


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