Creative by all means?

Why everybody expects us (designers) to be creative in everything, by any means? Should we use creativity as an excuse to design crazy, extravagant pieces or should we truly care about it and use it with consciousness?

My most recent experience with this dilemma was after an interview for freelance position in well-known, established company. I was eager to join their team and was trying to be creative… my own way. The interview was made by two stages (plus a couple of phone calls with the HR and the program manager. Those are serious guys, just saying.). The first one was to fill up the Q & A section based on the brief they provided as well as to develop a visual sample of my idea. The second stage was to explain this idea in more details on the actual interview. That sounds quite reasonable and professional.

The “cherry” in this situation was their suggestion to be creative in the Q & A section as well. Not only in the answers, but in their presentation. So, I was thinking about it. And, as more as I was thinking, as more I was convinced that the best way to proceed would be a “minimalistic” creativity. To design it as a real Q & A section, with the answers in the same template distinguish them by color and font style. It was short and to the point (I’m not much of a writer?). On the interview, they seem to like this approach, but at the same time they pointed out what other designers usually do – develop the answers section as an infographics, boxes, drawings… But, why it’s expected from us to do such a complication from simple things? Are we losing our senses for simplicity chasing constant, but not necessary creativity?

We are visual professionals, everybody can judge our abilities by quick glance at our portfolio, there is no mystery in that. Why should we switch on “fake creativity” mode and do some frills and quirks when it’s not really needed?

Please find my portfolio here. You can see my work and get an impression about my style. Please keep away from children.:-)

Of course, I didn’t get the position which is perfectly fine. But, still, I’m wondering… should we be friends with the meaningless creativity?