PLAAY The Sport You Love & Record Your Best Moments

Imagine: your child is playing his or her best game, but all you can do is record from distance, loosing him or her from time to time among the all players on the field. Now, PLAAY Sports has created an application which addresses this issue by recognizing your child’s jersey number, and following him or her, recording all their beautiful twists and turns, and more. The goal was to create a fun design which would appeal to children, their parents, coaches and teams. The design would also have to help intuitively explain the function of the app to viewers without requiring them to read the description. I was fortunate to work with the company’s pre-existing brand color scheme—bold, bright colors, easy to incorporate and combine. The hero image showcases a winning combo: smart phone, video, team sport. The angled shape and custom iconography adds a dynamic feeling and originality to the design.