Royal Imports Brand Identity

From the most basic to the most unique products, Royal Imports offers a vast assortment of everything a florist needs to run their business successfully. Featuring finds from the farthest reaches of the globe on a B2B level, Royal Imports has established a great reputation as a well-known company with a long history. The previous company identity was created many years ago when the company was originally launched. The executive leadership of the company sought to update its identity and brand, starting with the company logo, in order continue to attract customers and keep up with contemporary visual standards.

Ekaterina Asparouhova


Logo design, brand color scheme and typography selection, stationary design, packaging, marketing & sales materials, product catalogs, digital advertising, booklets, flyers, magazine advertising

I began with the current logo – a modified crown. The client wanted to continue to have a crown element in the logo not only for its relation to the company’s name, but because of existing customer familiarity with they company symbol. To achieve an updated version, I created a contemporary, stylistically clean and simple crown icon. Its shape and parts of the shape have been extended to all company materials.

Company Identity Design


Product Catalog

Magazine Advertising